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The Science is in the Story

Christie and Stephen grew up together being only a year and a half apart, their other 3 siblings were 12+ years older than them. Their parents were married more than 50 years, family was everything. We grew up with the normal barbie vs. GI Joe battles, She-Ra against He-Man, playing Hamburger Time or Frogger (yes the dear 80s were our childhood). We thrived riding bikes outside, swimming and camping. We would drive up to the mountains in our golden Suburban fighting over who got to lay down in the back vs. the yucky hot middle. Christie would catch the fish, Mom would clean them and their father would make gorp (some form of chili) all while Stephen was constructing any form of a box/stick like trap for squirrels. It was pure heaven. 

When they were suppose to grow up, Christie went off to college at San Jose State University where she majored in Hospitality Management and has spent the last 20 years as an event and conference planner, her specialty was food & beverage. Stephen followed his dream and attended Western Culinary Institute School in Portland, Oregon. He worked in multiple restaurants naming a few; Southpark Seafood, Le Pichet (Seattle) and See Sound Lounge. Years of valuable experience led him to first a Farmers market stand, Waffles & Wonuts and then onto a food cart in Beaverton's first cart pod. Belly Bar was a successful venture for him with rave reviews of his chicken & waffles and biscuits & gravy. Christie & Stephen decided to team up together and started on a road they were destined to travel together, to open a restaurant. Enter Biscuitology. Christie will lead the way with marketing, catering and overall operations and Stephen will manage the kitchen, menu and all things food. We welcome you to come join us for a little taste of our magical childhood (we promise gorp won't be on the menu)!

A few things we Believe in...

-2nd Chances

-Creativity & Kindness

-Love & Equality

-Local Quality



Join our Team!

If you know how to flip an egg and have an awesome can-do attitude apply here.

We are always looking for great Biscuitologists!

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